The persuasion power of the word "because". Because humans are weirdos
If you want to understand how the human mind works, ignore what people say. Watch what they do.

3 examples:

1. Ryanair was voted worst airline seven years in a row. Yet, in that period Ryanair has grown from flying 10 million passengers to 150 million.

2. People say they have zero interest in reading about bondage, dominance and sadomasochism. Yet 50 Shades of Grey has sold over 125 million copies.

3. People say they are worried about fake news and conspiracy theories. Yet The Joe Rogan Experience has over 9.76 million Youtube subscribers. And in 2020 Spotify signed a $100 million deal with Joe Rogan.

As you've probably noticed...humans are weird. We all like to think that we are rational creatures, but we make 95% of our daily decisions on autopilot mode.

Our minds are like super computers. And they're programmed with automatic persuasion triggers. They say Yes or No when they receive certain signals.

In 1977, to test this assumption Ellen Langer, a social psychologist and professor at Harvard University, tried a lil' experiment.

Ellen asked her research assistants to cut in front of students queuing up to use the library photocopier.

When a researcher cut in front of the queue and asked, "Excuse me, I have five pages, may I use the Xerox?'' 60 percent said yes; 40 percent, however, said no and continued doing what they were doing.

But when a reason was given — "Excuse me, I have 5 pages. May I use the xerox machine, because I'm in a rush?" — 94 percent said yes to the request.

It turns out that giving a reason to do something makes an argument stronger than an argument without justification (Langer, Blank & Chanowitz, 1978). Remember this next time you're writing copy.
Takeaways for your business:

1. When writing about your product benefits try always to back your claims with a reason why. Figure out what's the answer to the question, "Why should the reader believe us?". And try to include the word "because".

Because it gives the reader a reason to believe in you. And because it makes you sound more persuasive - because the reader assumes your justification is valid. But you don't necessarily have always to use the word "because". You can use other words that signal a justification, like "so that", "due to" or "since".

2. As Robert Caldini says in his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, "A well-known principle of human behavior says that when we ask someone to do us a favor we will be more successful if we provide a reason. People simply like to have reasons for what they do."

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