Ready to make your website work harder for your business? It all starts with a magnetic home page

My 'Attract + Convert' copywriting package is exactly what you need if you want to turn your home page into a money making machine. With my help, you'll finally have a home page that doesn't drive away customers. In fact, your sales can grow 2x, 4x, or even 5x. All thanks to a crystal clear message. And magnetic copy that wins the minds, hearts & wallets of your website visitors.
Choose my Attract + Convert package if...
Your startup is building a new product and your MVP is almost ready to launch 🚀. Or you run a marketing agency and you know it's time to refresh your home page copy. Or maybe a client hired your agency to design a shiny new website.

Whatever's the case, you're still having second thoughts. Because you've tried writing the copy by yourself, but something doesn't feel right. Your message isn't clear enough and makes vague promises. You're afraid your message is boring, and boring doesn't sell.

Includes: Conversion-focused copywriting for 1 Page (Home or Landing Page).
Turnaround time: 1 week
Your investment: $1199 $1000 (special price only for Roee Barak from Erudite)

Almost fully booked this month, but I have 1 slot available for projects starting after May 17th.
Don't book me — unless you take copywriting seriously
Plain English Copy
Because as Albert Einstein once said, "You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother." I'll simplify your language for a better reading experience. And I'll use the same language your audience uses.
3 BOLD Headlines
I'll send you my top 3 picks for headlines so powerful they make your reader smile. Or laugh. Or say 'Now that's interesting. Tell me more!"
Copy, and paste suggestions
I email you a Dropbox paper copy doc with fully written-out, copy-paste-ready suggestions for headlines, sub-headlines, body copy, benefits, and calls to action where they're most relevant. Always in plain english, no jargon.
Page title tags and meta descriptions
To improve your SEO, but written for humans, not bots. Because you don't just want your dream prospects to visit your website. You want them to stay longer. And buy whatever you're selling.
140-Word Pitch-Worthy Bio
Your new elevator pitch that works just as well offline as it does online. Perfect for social media bios, too.
2 rounds of revisions
And a post-analysis feedback round over email or Skype or Zoom.
"Teardwn provided copywriting for our marketing landing page. This was instrumental in setting the tone and path forward for all marketing materials, communication, and branding. Prior to this, we had struggled and never came up with something consistent. Miguel provided clarity within a couple of weeks. He was easy to work with, fast, and collaborative. I am looking forward to working with Teardwn again and again!"

Mimi Chan, Founder & CEO of Littlefund
"Creating a brand from scratch was incredibly overwhelming for us. We knew we needed help with copywriting, but we were afraid that someone from the outside might not 'get us'. However, Miguel was incredibly quick in understanding our tone of voice, our jokes and what we wanted to communicate. Resulting in a webpage that is simple but still funky!"

Leticia Horvath, Co-Founder of The Green Conspiracy
Who is this guy anyway?
Teardwn was founded by me me me Miguel Ferreira. I'm not your typical copywriter. I'm also an entrepreneur bootstrapping my own products. I've been hanging around the European startup scene for over 9 years, so I know a thing or two about building websites that convert.

I founded That Special Record (RIP) and co-founded Foodzai (RIP). You may also remember me as the guy who created the hashtag #ihaveathingforvinyl on Instagram. Or the guy behind Nishi - a curated showcase of websites that nail copywriting. Or the guy behind Creative Samba, a newsletter about the power of creativity to solve business problems. Or the guy behind Chill Music Club - The chillest place on the interwebs to discover new music (without using algorithms).
Good copywriting ain't cheap. Cheap copywriting ain't good.
The bad news? I ain't cheap. The good news is that I offer a 30-day (no questions asked) money back guarantee.

What else does Teardwn give you? I can't promise swimming pigs but I can promise crystal clear copy that makes your website readers smile. Or laugh. Or say 'Now that's innnnterestiiiiiiing, please take my money!'
Think we might be a good match but want to check my availability first?
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