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SEO Hack
Lesson 3: A little hack to get more traffic to your website
Trying to get your website to rank highly on Google?
You read somewhere that SEO is magic and it will boost your search traffic and ranking?

Here's a truth bomb. Most people just don't understand how SEO works. They think they can pay a few hundred bucks and will magically appear at the number one spot in Google. I wish it was that simple, but it's not.

The Problem

The problem with "search engine optimization" is that it's SUPER competitive. Everyone wants to be #1.
Let's imagine you're in the handmade t-shirt business. In this example, there are 18,700,000 results. So theoretically, that's 18.7 million websites who all want to be #1 on Google.

Before we start this mini-marketing lesson I have to warn you about something.

SEO is an ongoing task and it takes a long time to reach the heady heights of the number one spot in Google (if you ever reach that milestone at all), but if you implement this hack I'm going to teach you and consistently use it during 2018, I promise you'll start seeing results sooner rather than later.

Okay, so let's kick things off with SEO ranking factor number ONE according to Google: Domain authority.

Here's the deal. It's no secret that the quantity and quality of the backlinks pointing to your website is Google's top ranking factor. And in case you're wondering if this also applies to whatever niche market you're targeting, the answer is: Hell Yes!

(Translation for non-nerds: when a webpage links to any other page, it's called a backlink. Example: Imagine you sell handmade t-shirts and Isaac Hindin-Miller - the fashion blogger behind Isaac Likes - just bought one of your T-shirts and loved it so much that he blogged about it and linked back to your website. Booom! That's a backlink. And a hell of a good one. According to Google).

So the 1 million dollar question is, how can you get someone to link to your website if it's made of 100% product and category pages? The short answer: Mission impossible (even Tom Cruise can't save you!).

Here's the thing.

People want to link to websites that have informative, interesting, relevant content. Without that you have no chances. Zero. You're toasted! That's the bad news.

The good news is even websites like yours can publish awesome content.

So if your website doesn't have a blog yet, you should start one right now. Remember, your content must be informative, interesting, relevant.

When you start publishing awesome content, you'll build up your site's overall domain authority, which will help your product and category pages rank better in Google. This will take time, but I promise you it will bring you results.

Fun fact: Did you know that even ecommerce giants like Amazon very rarely have links pointing directly to their product pages? Instead they rank based on their sitewide link authority.

For example, when I launched my previous startup That Special Record, a vinyl subscription service and a different kind of online shop for record collectors & outsider electronic music lovers I focused a lot on content marketing. One of my all-time best blog posts was this round-up post titled The 94 best record shops in Europe.

After publishing it, I emailed every single record shop owner I mentioned in that blog post just to let them know that their shop was featured by That Special Record.
Result? My blog post got over 6.5k social shares and sales increased by 30% (in less than two weeks)!

How? All the record shops featured in that list shared the blog post on their Facebook and twitter accounts and some on their websites, attracting also quality backlinks from important music media outlets like Resident Advisor, which increased my website's Domain Authority.

It took me about 6 hours to write this blog. Not bad, right?

Recap: Use content marketing to increase your website's overall domain authority. Share your content with influencers, and if they like your content they will link to your website and that boost in domain authority will increase the ranking of your product and category pages.

Now it's your turn to try it.

Stay awesome,
Miguel / Founder Teardwn

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